Fresh From the Ranch 8/28/2012

I hate to pick favorites, but this Tuesday's delivery maybe my favoite of the year. Late summer bounty in full swing!

pink pearl apple
  • mixed herb bunches
  • baby orion fennel bulbs
  • baby flying saucer & magda squash
  • assorted lettuces
  • collard greens
  • red russian & tuscan dino kale
  • mideast prolific cucumbers
  • islander bell peppers
  • assorted paste tomatoes
  • pink pearl apples
  • asian pears
  • lisbon lemons
  • satsuma plums
  • rhubarb
  • BABY GREENS: spinach
  • MICRO GREENS: sunflower
  • SEEDS: cilantro, cerinthe, red russian kale, agrostemma, sweet peas, larkspur, nigella, champagne poppy mix
  • FLOWER BUNCHES: pink & white japanese anenomes
  • BY THE STEM: bella donna amaryllis, moulin rouge & teddy bear sunflowers
  • POTTED PLANTS: graffiti double salmon pelargonium & bay laurel