Fresh From the Ranch 9/3/13

Hope you're all feeling refreshed after labor day weekend. Summer's not over until the 22nd of this month the date of the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere, enjoy the last of it. There is only one Fresh From the Ranch delivery this week, but there are wine tastings as scheduled, 4-6 on Tuesday and Friday.

  • edible flower bunches
  • mixed herb bunches
  • rainbow & silverado chard
  • tuscan dino kale
  • escarole
  • bull's blood beets
  • assorted summer squash
  • lemon cucumbers
  • white sweet super corn
  • islander purple bell peppers
  • all blue potatoes
  • pink pearl & red gravenstein apples
  • hosui asian pears
  • meyer lemons
  • assorted paste tomatoes
  • BY THE STEM: belladonna amaryllis
  • FLOWER BUNCHES: snapdragons with bay, japanese anemones & zinnias with bay