Give Health a Boost with ODE x 10,000 Buddhas Ritual Wellness Kit for Health

Give your health a boost.

Whether you're jet-setting this summer or enjoying longer days of sunshine closer to home, it's important to pause, ground yourself, and shift your focus to your body when the seasons change. This summer, give your health a boost with our new Ritual Wellness Kit–one of three new collections developed in partnership with Amanda Giacomini (AKA 10,000 Buddhas). Designed to call in blessings for love, for peace, and for health, all three limited edition kits are available now!

Get gorgeously alive.

Blended to mimic nature–to both ground and uplift–our limited edition Ritual Wellness Kit for Health includes a ritual canding offering, bath salts blend, feather-light hydration body oil, facial tonic, and olive creambalm intensive moisturizer. Essential oils like ylang ylang add a sultry note and bring earthly harmony, while ODE's phthalate-free signature scent, Verde, is alive with notes of McEvoy Ranch olive leaf, green tomato, and basil.

Get grounded on the go.

Housed in a custom print 10,000 Buddhas poplin bag, ritual kits are crafted to carry on your adventures.

What’s Included:

  • Ritual Candle Offering scented with amber and ylang ylang for intention setting
  • Ritual Bath Salts Blend Nurture with scents of grapefruit, frankincense, and sandalwood
  • Ritual Feather-Light Hydration Body Oil in Verde blended with ylang ylang for a sensual kick
  • Facial Tonic Clarity with rosemary, sage, and lemon to invigorate the spirit
  • Olive Creambalm Intensive Moisturizer for soft, supple skin

You had me at aloe.

Rich in aroma therapeutic ingredients, the facial tonic with scents of lemon, rosemary, and sage contributes to focus and anxiety relief. Apple fruit water, aloe leaf juice, reishi mushroom extract, and green tea extract work together to hydrate and reduce redness. Amber and ylang ylang balance male and female energies. These scents–used in ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt during ceremonies–allow you to focus your energy on setting intentions. Grab your mala beads and meditate in the tub with bath salts in Nurture. Balance your chakras with sandalwood (third eye), frankincense (crown), and grapefruit (solar plexus); this sea salt, epsom salt, and dendritic salt combo will instill deep tranquility. Our Olive Creambalm Intensive Moisturizer contains McEvoy Ranch extra virgin olive oil for next level smoothness. This luxe creambalm is packed with essential fatty acids for ultra-hydrated skin. For a little bit of nature injected into your morning, smooth on feather-light hydration body oil. ODE’s signature scent, Verde, uplifts you while ylang ylang adds a sensuous touch to bring balance.

Master your ritual.

Amanda owns Point Reyes Yoga with her husband, MC Yogi, located just down the road from McEvoy Ranch. As both a devoted yogi and artist, she's discovered the power of routine on the mat and through her artistic journey painting over 10,000 buddhas around the world. Inspired by the benefits of a daily practice, our new ritual wellness kits allow you to find solace in a beauty regimen that you can revisit each day. Even when you’re on the road and don’t get a chance to be outdoors, our Ritual Wellness Kit for Health can be your temporary escape from the daily grind, into our garden of ODE Natural Beauty bliss.

Have wanderlust?

Join ODE and Amanda Giacomini at Wanderlust this summer for our official ritual wellness kit launch. The next stop on our tour is Wanderlust Lake Tahoe, July 18th – 21st! We hope to share blessings for peace, for love, and for health with everyone we meet. All three kits will be available for purchase at Wanderlust or your can find them all online and in our SF Ferry Building shop! BTW, be sure to share your new #Odex10000Buddhas rituals with us on instagram! Deep blessings for health, for peace, and for love to you this summer. Namaste.