Have We Ruined The Travel Experience?

Cheap airfares, Airbnb, Uber and the internet in general have completely changed the way we travel, in many ways not for the better. The impact of mass tourism on world cultural sites has been an issue for a long time, but the growing accessibility and affordability of travel has increased the pressure. Even remote sites, once the domain of the younger and more intrepid traveler, are being over run; as we live longer and remain active into our senior years, more and more travelers seek out the unique, unspoiled (for now) and hard to reach locations. Over at Expert Vagabond, Matthew Carston has written an interesting and wide-ranging article on these effects, and more; specifically, how social media is spoiling the sense of adventure and discovery that is at the heart of travel's appeal. Coming from someone who promotes travel for a living, it's a revealing and thought-provoking piece. Via Expert Vagabond