Holiday Tips

We love this time of year. The weather has changed and the winter colors are starting to show on the Ranch. It’s also the perfect time to think about letting the people we know how much we appreciate them. Here are a few holiday tips we’ve found useful over the years. Holiday trips - McEvoy Ranch Pinot Noir wine HOLIDAY BEVERAGES If you’re hosting a party, be sure to have a mix of red and white wine as well as sparkling water. Not sure how much to have? A good rule of thumb is that each 750ml bottle pours six 4oz wine glasses. Figure that each adult will enjoy two glasses at two-hour cocktail party. Be sure to always have something for folks to snack on. If you don’t have time to make it yourself, serve slices of bread with tapenade and an assortment of cheeses. Try some from our neighbors at Marin French Cheese or Cowgirl Creamery. mcevoyranch-wreath-2


Natural beauty. We love decorating with the plethora of items found on the Ranch…leaves, branch cuttings, gourds, dried flowers. Making a wreath can be a nice way to welcome people to your home. Or try something simple like adding a sprig of fresh rosemary or whatever you have available to your holiday napkins and tie with string. Use a clear vase and fill the base with cranberries and place a candle in the middle for an easy decoration. mcevoyranch-lemon-marmalade


Schedules are busy. Consider bringing a gift of several jams and fresh bread from your local bakery or Farmers’ market. You can bundle this gift with fair trade coffee beans or a set of handmade mugs. To make it more unique, include a card for an activity in the new year. Experiences are the best gift! Perhaps a hike in your area followed by brunch. Check out your local county parks guide. Recipe Card Box


Share a family recipe. Include a few of the ingredients or any special tools as part of your gift. If it is Auntie Pearl’s apple pie recipe, include a pie plate or a knife cutter. Table Setting at the Ranch


Planning a special event during the holidays? Consider having a wine magnum (that’s two bottles of wine = 1.5L) and get everyone to sign their name directly on the bottle with a non-smearing pen as a souvenir. This is a good idea for wedding parties too as a memento for the newlyweds. Need more holiday gift ideas? Check out our gift suggestions now.