Holiday Tips - Stock your Pantry


We all (almost all) look forward to the holidays.

We share time with friends and family we don't get to see all the time. We suspend the rules, indulge ourselves and offer gratitude. A little planning, stocking your pantry and you are ready. Everything from a casual drop-in, stop-after, to a full-on party scene can be handled gracefully with a little McEvoy in your pantry. Add a quick stop at the bakery and the cheese shop and you are ready to impress yourself and your guests. Charcuterie boards large and small are the current rage for a reason. They are beautiful whether lavish or simple. You can tailor them to your taste and your guests can make choices based on their diet and dining preferences. Here are some thoughts: Pantry power! Don't forget to pick up some of McEvoy's elegant small production wines to go along for the party!