Homemade Yogurt Parfaits


Yogurt parfaits are an easy grab at the airport or on your way to work when you feel you should put something in your tummy for breakfast besides an Americano.

They vary on the satisfaction scale and that may be why we rarely think of making them at home. A recent trip to Model Bakery in Napa for their world-class English muffins and a jar of McEvoy Ranch Orange Marmalade made for a very delicious breakfast and that marmalade inspired me. This is a proper marmalade - chunky with exactly the right sweet/tart balance. I saw yogurt parfait potential with a personal signature. I am a fan of locally produced Straus Yogurt and I layered that in the bottom (regular plain whole milk), topped with some very good granola loaded with toasted pecans, a layer of orange marmalade, some fresh orange slices, more yogurt, more granola, more marmalade ... you get the picture. It was crazy delicious and a good reminder that yogurt parfait can rise up if given the chance. You can build these ahead and have them ready to grab or make them in the morning so your granola is still crunchy - they're delicious either way. Enjoy!