Growing Houseplants and Trees Can Improve Your Health

We’re very fortunate at McEvoy Ranch to work at a beautiful ranch, surrounded by olive trees and grapevines. Not only is McEvoy Ranch a visually stunning location, the trees and plants that we grow here enhance our physical and mental well-being every day. We want to share a few ideas how you can bring more joy to your life by simply growing a few houseplants and trees. A breath of fresh air does wonders for your body and spirit. As you fill your lungs with clean air, you rejuvenate your energy levels with the oxygen it provides. Since plants and trees remove carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen, growing them can improve your health immensely, particularly since they also remove toxins. Fruitless olive trees grown in planting pots provide an easy way to grow trees indoors as well as outdoors. Here are a few more ways that growing houseplants and trees can enhance your well-being. Provide Cleaner Air According to a source at the National Institute of Environmental Sciences, air pollution contributes to a wide variety of illnesses, including cardiovascular diseases, respiratory illnesses, and cancer. Incorporating houseplants and olive trees into your interior design can help to minimize your risk of developing any of these diseases, particularly because they clean the air by removing carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen. Greenery also absorbs other harmful pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and benzene, while also reducing airborne pollutants such as dust. Create a Quieter Atmosphere Houseplants and olive trees absorb sound that typically creates a more comfortable living environment, particularly for individuals who are bothered by noise. To optimize the ability of your plants to absorb background noises, design your interior spaces with hard surfaces. Studies have shown that plants absorb sound better when they are placed in an environment where noise bounces around the living space. As your environment becomes more tranquil, it becomes easier to relax, focus on tasks, and sleep - all of which can enhance your well-being. Promote a Productive Environment Some academic studies have shown that being around plants and trees can enhance mental health through the calming influence they create. The presence of greenery not only creates a quieter environment but it also adds stimulation that seems to promote focus and productivity. The ability to remain fully focused on the task at hand reduces the risk of making a mistake, enhancing productivity while minimizing the danger of experiencing an accident. Adding Houseplants and Olive Trees to Your Interior Landscape Even if you are using a planting pot for your olive tree, you should place it outside in the sun for a few hours every day to promote its growth. Houseplants can be purchased and grown indoors during any month of the year since you probably won't be putting them outside at all. The best time to plant trees is after the risk of experiencing a frost has passed. Unlike apple and peach trees, that are intended for outside planting, olive trees for sale are often meant for indoor growing, particularly if you see fruitless olive trees that offer lots of lush foliage without the messiness of dropping fruit. Houseplants and Trees Promote Good Health Adding greenery to your home by way of houseplants and olive trees is a good way to give your body and mind a boost toward a healthier way of living. Depending on how many you incorporate into your interior landscape and how well you care for them, your plants and olive trees can transform your home into a peaceful oasis filled with clean air and beauty.