Buddha's Hands - Unforgettable Fruit

IMG_8692 Thanks to our mild California winters, the spectrum of citrus in our groves knows no bounds, including one of our favorites - Buddha's Hands. Meyer Lemons and Blood Oranges are two of our McEvoy Ranch mainstays. Over the years our orchards have grown to include Washington Navel oranges, Seville sour oranges, pink lemons, Yuzu limes, mandarins, tangelos, Kaffir limes, Bearss seedless limes, and finger limes. With long, gnarly, squid-like fingers and no juice or pulp to speak of, Buddha's Hands may be, at first glance, the most unrecognizable fruits in the citrus family. From then on, they are unforgettable. IMG_8688 Ornamental by nature and incredibly fragrant, Buddha's Hands are one of the oldest citrus varieties in the world. In Asian cultures, the refreshing, clean scent of the fruit's zest is frequently used to perfume rooms and clothing. It's also given as a religious offering in Buddhist temples, with preference given to fruits with "fingers" closed, rather than open, to symbolize the act of prayer. And for the culinarily-inclined, there are endless creative uses for Buddha's Hand zest and rind. Substitute Buddha's Hands for any of your favorite lemon or lime recipes, add them to sauces or dressings, try them in teas, or serve a simple green salad, like our chefs at the ranch do when the mood strikes them, with paper-thin rounds of Buddha's Hand fingers, sliced on the mandolin like a radish. Here are a few more enticing ideas, and we always welcome more... Enjoy! Buddha's Hand Citron Infused Vodka Buddha's Hand Citrus Infused Shortbread Candied Buddha's Hand Buddha's Hands and other ranch citrus fruits are seasonally available in our San Francisco Ferry Building shop.