It’s Good To Be Green: Our New Olive Oil Is Here

McEvoy Ranch 2017 Traditional Blend Olive Oil One of the joys of great Extra Virgin olive oil (EVOO) is that, like fine wine, each year’s harvest yields a product that is unique unto itself. As a result of intersecting weather patterns and growing conditions, human decisions, and natural phenomena every year a new organic EVOO is produced by McEvoy Ranch.

2017 Harvest Theme

Each harvesthas its theme, and this one is most definitely green. The abundant rain we’ve been blessed with left our hillsides verdant and lush. Plus, our olive trees eagerly soaked up the precious moisture after many years of drought. Now, with the release of our 2017 Traditional Blend Olive Oil, we celebrate green in its many forms. Of course, our ranch is farmed entirely under the standards of CCOF Organic Certification, which is about as eco-green as it gets.And the oil? Bright emerald green, a true reflection of the blend of green, purple, and black olives that go into our mill.

How We Do It

Part of the fun and anticipation of each year’s harvest are the subtle shifts in aromatics and flavors that set each release apart. This harvest, our olives were more mature and larger, yielding a slightly fruitier oil. Filled with lightly floral notes and nuances of fresh, green olive fruit, cinnamon, and green banana, with a slightly peppery finish. As always, our Traditional Blend is estate-grown and produced. This is done by blending seven Italian varietals: Coratina, Frantoio, Leccino, Leccio del Corno, Pendolino, Maurino, and Moraiolo. While the Frantoio and Leccino comprise 85% of the blend, giving the oil its green fruit and pungent characteristics, as well as a softer note, the remaining varieties give the oil balance and depth.

Our Latest Bottle

This year, we are celebrating another form of green: a new dark green bottle. Unlike our clear bottles, it protects the oil from damaging light. Our new bottle is also a green of the environmentally friendly variety: we eliminated the box from our packaging. The bottle was once necessary due to the clear glass bottle, but always added to our carbon footprint. We love our new bottle for a couple of other reasons. We’ve added a built-in pour spout to the neck, something our customers have been asking of us for many years. The bottle is now much easier to open, to get you topping your greens, fish, fruit, or whatever strikes your fancy.

What to Cook with Our 2017 Traditional Blend Olive Oil

Melissa King, a Top Chef finalist and consultant to Whole Foods, created a recipe featuring our Traditional Blend. She recently demonstrated this seared duck breast preparation for guests at the Napa Valley Film Festival. You can find the recipe here. Organic EVOO is never better than when it’s first released. So why not jump on a few bottles for your pantry and celebrate our special shade of green? Try our 2017 Traditional Blend Olive Oil for yourself today!