It's Millin' Time!

Harvest season is upon us once again, and when we say our olive oil is "green," here is a visual to help explain why.

At McEvoy Ranch, we follow the Tuscan tradition of harvesting early, before our olive fruit has fully ripened.

Within hours of harvesting, our young, green fruit is washed, leaves are removed and the whole olives, pit and all, are crushed under giant stone wheels. The aromatic olive paste that results from this crushing is then passed through our Sinolea extractor, where tiny steel blades dip into the paste and delicately remove the oil. It's important to note that no heat or chemicals are added at any point in the process, which would affect the fragile composition of our pristine new oil.

Finally, residual water is expelled through a centrifuge, and the first of our grass-green, unfiltered oil is bottled immediately as "Olio Nuovo." Our new oil is a celebration of the harvest and only available in limited quantities, so don't miss it!

More Olio Nuovo details coming soon...