Jam thumbprint cookies

"You're plum perfect." "You're the apple of my eye." "You're sweet!" So many messages can hang from a jar of preserves, which make them a great gift for this sweet time of year. Preserves can also be used to make desserts and edible surprises for friends and loved ones. Meyer Lemon Marmaladepound cake, Apple & Lavender Jellychampagne cocktails, and Plum & Anise Preservesthumbprint cookies all come to mind. thumbprint cookies We love the picture Rolling Greens Nurseryposted in their blog of coconut thumbprints, reminding us that there are many ways to up the cuteness quotient and make a really special something for that special someone. As a Valentine's Day treat, we'll be serving up Crabapple trifles in our Ferry Building shop this Thursday, February 14th from 11 AM. The accompanying note could read, "I think you're swell, even when you're crabby." thumbprint recipe