Join us for a hike!

The spectacular panoramas afforded by a ridge-top ramble around the ranch are not to be missed. As folks traversing the hills and valleys between Pt. Reyes and Petaluma can attest, the reward for cresting the steep hill above McEvoy Ranch is an awe-inspiring view of the property—the same one that Nan McEvoy fell in love with twenty years ago. Vastly better than that glimpse, is the experience of fully immersing oneself in the harmonious balance of thoughtfully-tended olive orchards nestled into the now-turning-golden hills of West Marin. The enchantment of this place is magnified immeasurably by an elevated perch… Join us for a guided hike to enjoy these striking vistas in the late morning sunshine (we hope!) on Saturday, June 18th. And because McEvoy Ranch is so much more than a pretty picture, we’ll share the history of the ranch, an explanation of our farming practices, a tour of our milling facility, and, finally, a tasting of our olive oil. Reservations are required. For more information and to hold your spot, please visit our Events page. -Ananda