Keith Giusto Bakery Supply

Keith Giusto Bakery Supply, located in Petaluma, is a full service artisan bakery supply company created by and for professional bakers. Keith is a third generation baker and a fourth generation miller. Giusto has been baking since the 1970’s and grew the business in the early 2000’s because of an increased demand in the Bay Area for a company that could provide quality ingredients to an area famous for and increasingly obsessed with bread baking. Giusto’s has grown to be the most respected supplier of premium organic flour and baking ingredients in the Western United States. Keith Giusto Bakery Supply While all of that is good news to the professional baker and those of us who enjoy the delicious bread and pastry created by our local talented bakers, there’s more. Giusto’s also has a beautiful retail shop that is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. The store is filled with high quality flours, gluten free flours and mixes, books, and an array of professional grade tools of the trade. img_1668 Tony Gemignani’s Pizza Bible and pizza mix. img_1667 A beautiful huge bread rising bowl img_1671 This is a lame - essentially a razor blade with a handle that is used to cut the trademark slashes in bread before it is baked. img_1672 Still - there’s more! The Artisan Baking Center, a state of the art baking, R&D and culinary education center is also located in the premises. They offer a wide range of hands on classes to professional and home bakers taught by some amazing stars of the baking world. Craig Ponsford teaches a class on making baguettes. Ponsford was the young man who in 1996 won the gold medal in the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie in Paris when his baguette won over the French entries. This was Judgement of Paris in the bread world. Alice Medrich is a seriously brilliant instructor and a genius with chocolate. She has recently written a James Beard Award winning cookbook called Flavor Flours which teaches baking with gluten free flours that is focused on delicious more than diet. Rose Levy Beranbaum baker, blogger and author of the Cake Bible, The Baking Bible and the Bread Bible teaches here. Jim Dodge, nationally recognized baker, cookbook author and James Beard Award winner is another of the instructors at the Artisan Baking Center. It’s an all star cast, to be sure - and, there’s still more. For a full list of their class offerings, go to The Artisan Baking Center. You can thank me later. Enjoy!