Local Landscape Sketches By John Constable

You know that we prefer things local here at McEvoy Ranch. We grow as much as we can on property and when we do work with other orchards, vineyards and suppliers we try to stay as close to home as possible. We all strive to support local producers; as clichéd a term as "farm to fork" has become, it really is kind of becoming second nature. And it's easy to forget that, back when, being local wasn't trendy, it just was. Beyond the increasingly obvious advantages of a shrinking carbon footprint, the appeal of a local approach to living is in its simplicity, grace and, frankly, nostalgia. That's one reason we're drawn to the English landscape painter John Constable, 1776-1837, who was best known for his paintings of the countryside surrounding his home in Essex. He was quoted as saying, "I should paint my own places best". Charley Parker's Lines And Colors blog recently posted a few lovely sketches by Constable that capture his light touch and refined sense of composition. How a few perfectly placed strokes can create a sense of fullness and satisfaction is a great lesson in less is more, as is his commitment to capturing the beauty of his beloved local countryside. It is ironic, however, to note that while his paintings are now some of the most valuable in the English art market, during his lifetime his paintings sold better in France than they did in England. Oh well; no one ever accused the French of bad taste.