March at McEvoy

best-tulip_edited-1 As a city girl, my daily dose of nature usually begins and ends with my cat. Fortunately, I can get a sense of the changing seasons at the farmers' market or in our Ferry Building shop each Wednesday with our "Fresh from the Ranch" delivery. Tomatoes and cucumbers signal summer while the recent daffodils and Miner's lettuce promise warmer weather in the months ahead. I have to trust these signs of life because the shades of gray and chaotic buzz filling my urban day aren't quite so reassuring. purpleyellowtulip When I'm really lucky, though, I can get my nature fix straight from the source, as I did yesterday, in between meetings at our ranch in Petaluma. mamababysheep As we pulled up, the olive trees rested in stillness, covered in a thick blanket of fog, making the cheerful new tulips practically sing in contrast. You can imagine my delight when I heard the "bah-bahhing" from a flock of sheep the moment I stepped out of the car. Needless to say a photo shoot was in order. I just had to capture the baby sheep and their mothers grazing in the olive orchards....especially the token black sheep! I can't recall how Groundhog day panned out this year, but I've seen, felt and heard the proof and SPRING is on its way! The token black sheep.