McEvoy Apple Pie

McEvoy mixed apple pie sounds like a winner, doesn't it? A classic, with a bit of complexity, featuring a spectrum of organic fruit from our orchards could very well trump the turkey. That is, if you choose your apples wisely. Since I'm responsible for dessert this Thanksgiving, I decided to bake a practice pie a few weeks ago. I took home a selection of Braeburns, Granny Smiths, Galas, Fujis and one really beautiful Arkansas Black apple with visions of greatness. To really impress, I pulled out my beloved Tartine Bakery cookbook and made a batch of flaky pie dough for the requisite double crust. While my dough chilled, I peeled, cored and sliced my way through all of the apples, tossed them with sugar and cinnamon, zested a little lemon on top and sealed them in a large, lumpy mound between the buttery dough. The pie baked beautifully and every step of the way looked promising, until the first bite... Sweet? check. Flaky, tender crust? check. Floral?!? check. I added only one Arkansas Black apple and the whole pie was perfumed with notes of orange blossom and jasmine! I realize some people like lavender shortbread and rose flavored macarons, and if you're a fan of floral confections, an Arkansas Black apple pie might be a new favorite. I, however, am not a fan, which is why I'll be sticking to this apple guide from now on. Here's a list of McEvoy Ranch apple varieties we sell in our Ferry Building shop, along with suggested use for your Thanksgiving menu planning:
  • Arkansas Black-a long-keeping, tart and tannic apple; great for cider and eating out of hand; floral notes enhanced with cooking/baking
  • Braeburn - crisp and juicy, with a pleasant, but mild tartness; great for snacking, salads, cooking, sauce
  • Fuji - crips, juicy with outstanding texture; great for long-term storage; excellent for fresh eating, salads, applesauce
  • Gala - firm, juicy, fine texture; sweet, slightly tart flavor; excellent for fresh eating, applesauce
  • Granny Smith - green, crisp and tart; firm flesh; good for long-term storage; great for pies and baking
  • Pink Lady - attractive, deep pink skin with fine grained, white flesh that bruises easily; great for snacking and baking
  • Pink Pearl - summer variety with brilliant pink flesh; very short season; tart to sweet-tart taste; good for baking, sauce, snacking
Make sure to check the blog on to see what's arriving "fresh from the ranch" each week. We'll have a delivery this Friday, November 19th, and next Wednesday, November 24th,just in time for the holiday. By the way, I'll still be baking a McEvoy apple pie and will probably refer to Joanne Weir's mother's recipe to fill my flaky Tartine pie dough, only this time, no Arkansas Blacks. Happy Thanksgiving! -Susan