McEvoy Bread Salad

breadsalad2We sold most of our greens last week, so I stretched what was left for our "Tasty Tuesday" demo, with a little help from my friends at Acme. Inspired by Italian panzanella and my favorite part of Zuni's roast chicken dish, I made a colorful bread salad with chunky, toasted cubes of Acme's green onion slab, edible flowers and organic ranch greens. This hearty side would be great for potlucks (or 4th of July bbq's!) because the bread soaks up most of the oil and lemon juice, keeping the greens from getting too wilty. If you can 't make it down to the shop for our ranch produce, we forgive you;) Arugula or any hearty greens would work, too. I'd love to hear your thoughts on other McEvoy bread salad combinations:) Here's my recipe:
McEvoy Bread Salad serves 6-8 8 oz. organic micro kale*, washed and dried 8 oz. organic sunflower sprouts*, washed and dried 8 oz. organic micro beets*, washed and dried 2 big handfuls of fresh, organic nasturtiums* 1/4 lb. Roncal (any hard sheep's milk cheese can be substituted) 1/2 green onion slab from Acme 1/2 lemon S & P, to taste McEvoy Ranch extra virgin olive oil Using a long, serrated knife, cut bread into two large, flat rectangles. Brush the insides of the loaf lightly with Mcevoy olive oil and toast until golden brown. Once bread is cool, cut into rustic (roughly 2-inch) square chunks. In a large bowl, combine McEvoy greens and toss gently. Using a cheese plane or vegetable peeler, shave Roncal into thin curls over the greens. Add toasted bread, a squeeze of lemon, salt, pepper and a generous drizzle of McEvoy olive oil. Toss well. Finally, sprinkle fresh nasturtiums over the greens and gently serve, before flowers start to wilt!
Enjoy. *Produce often available in our Ferry Building shop after our Wednesday Fresh from the Ranch delivery. For up-to-date availability, call 415-291-7224.