How McEvoy Ranch Can Help You Win St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day guide Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, which is a good thing, because who doesn’t want to be Irish, at least for one day? But let’s face it: corned beef, cabbage and potatoes only go so far in the culinary creativity department, so where do you go from there if you want to get your green on and still have some fun in the kitchen? Not to worry; our leprechauns at the Ranch have come up with five easy ideas to put some zip in your St. Pat dinner plans. So here we go: 1. Make Avocado Toast even greener. Use traditional Irish soda bread for your toast, then blend our Spicy Green Olive Tapenade with fresh avocado. To prepare avocado, slice an avocado in half, remove pit and remove fruit with a soup spoon. Mash avocado while adding the tapenade to taste in a glass bowl. Spread on toast slices and serve. Spicy Green Olive Tapenade 2. Making mashed potatoes? For a green touch, you can always add chopped green olives, finely chopped green spinach or diced sauteed green pepper to your potatoes, but if you want pristine, white mashed potatoes, add a tablespoon of our Champagne Vinegar to your mash, after adding the right amount of milk. This will keep your potatoes a nice bright white. And for improved flavor and texture, blend in our Traditional Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the potatoes instead of butter. Champagne Vinegar Traditional Blend Olive Oil 3. You can make a delicious dip by simply mixing our Artichoke and Almond Tapenade with plain hummus. Use this dip with cut vegetables or chips. Artichoke Almond Tapenade 4. Eat your greens! This recipe for Collard Greens is easy, versatile, and delicious: Collard Greens 5. When it’s time to wash up, our ODE Verde Salt Scrub packs a one-two punch: it cleans your hands and hydrates them at the same time. No need to add lotion after washing with skin-drying soap. ODE Verde Salt Scrub