Meet "Pandora"

Who knew naming a kitten could be so hard? We had quite a list to choose from and truly appreciate all of you who submitted great ideas and joined in the fun. Just so you know how tough this was, here are some of our top picks.... Our official runners-up were: "Chloe," "Zoe" and "Zara," and Special Mention goes to "Fur Elise," "Sweat Pea" and "Lizzy McEvoy." In the end it was "Pandora" that seemed to suit this curious little furrball to a tee. We know she's mischievous and realize she'll be unleashing all kinds of havoc as she explores the ranch with her brother, Sid, but we're okay with that because we trust the myth. At the bottom of the box (or amphora if you're at McEvoy Ranch), there's always the spirit hope and according to Mark, who tucks her in each night, that's "just what we need." Congratulations to our winner, Kristi Hallamore Jeppesen from Sonoma! Pandora, Sid and all of us at McEvoy Ranch thank you.