Meyer Lemon + Mint Marmalade

When I describe my role as the McEvoy Ranch jam maker I say that I am tasked with preserving moments of time at the ranch so that we can share them with our fans and customers. The goal behind each jar is that people who can't make the journey to attend one of our tours, can still experience what it would smell like, look like, and feel like to be here. I'm proud to say that the newest small batch marmalade, available exclusively at our retail locations, does just that. We've had a really timid winter here in Petaluma. A few days were overcast, once in a while there was rain, but sunshine definitely dominated. The hills remained green all winter long. And many of our fruits and flowers are showing early signs of life. So I combined tart and sweet Meyer lemons with some of the refreshing mint that is already standing tall and waving in the breeze in our terraces. Each jar has a single surprise pansy in it picked from our kitchen garden dotted with johnny jump ups and grape hyacinth. This combination has the look of pressed springtime blooms between the pages of a favorite book.

It has struck me how yellow the springtime is around here. Lemons, daffodils, and meadows of wild mustard all herald the coming of a more vibrant time. Our Meyer Lemon + Mint Marmalade looks like sunshine in a jar. So please enjoy the excitement of springtime now or stock that jar in your cupboard to relish it later when you're either dying of heat or unable to feel your cold toes.