Recipe: Miner's Lettuce Cups

This wild succulent green is just popping up at the ranch, and if you haven't yet had the pleasure of tasting sweet, tender Miner's lettuce leaves, here's your chance. Claytonia Perfoliata (also known as Winter purslane or Indian lettuce) is native to the coastal and mountain regions of the Pacific Northwest. It was commonly eaten by Native Americans and named for California gold miners who savored its vitamin C-rich leaves after cold, harsh winters to prevent scurvy. Miner's lettuce makes an excellent wilted stand-in for spinach in sautes or veggie stir-frys, but it really shines when eaten raw. The heart-shaped leaves make a beautiful salad green, and also function quite well as vessels for little green olive oil bites. A bit like tiny lily pads, they form a nice, shallow cup, ideal for a biteful of fish, cheese or simple herb salad. Here's a quick recipe we often do in our Ferry Building shopthis time of year:
Miner's Lettuce Cups 1/2 lb. Buffalo Mozzarella 1 bunch Miner's lettuce* Sea Salt McEvoy Ranch extra virgin olive oil Fresh herbs or microgreens for garnish, if desired 1. Carefully wash and dry Miner's lettuce. 2. Trim stems to the base of each leaf, then arrange greens on a serving platter.

3. Cut mozzarella into half-inch cubes and spoon a couple cubes of cheese into each leaf.

4. Sprinkle cups with salt and fresh herbs, if available, then finish each bite with a liberal drizzle of McEvoy Ranch extra virgin olive oil. 5. Serve immediately. Enjoy!
*Miner's lettuce is seasonally available in our Ferry Building shop. To ensure availability, please call 415-291-7224 .