Mizuna 101

IMG_2392We grow an assortment of micro, baby and "teen" greens for our McEvoy Ranch chefs and Ferry Building shopcustomers throughout the year and Mizuna is one of those plants. Packed with flavor and nutrients, our young greens are an excellent way to enliven and embellish dishes. They're also a natural pairing for our extra virgin olive oil. Our organic little lettuces vary by the season and our biodynamic growing calendar, but a selection can often be found each Tuesday and Friday in our San Francisco Ferry Building shop. (Tip: they're hiding in the fridge, so make sure to ask us what's available!) Mizuna(brassica rapa nipponosica) is a cool season, Asian mustard green that's been primarily cultivated in Japan's Kyoto region. This long, feathery, saw-toothed leaf has a subtle earthiness and bright, peppery flavor that's milder than arugula, but still assertive.mizuna Like most young greens, baby mizuna is a nutritional powerhouse full of antioxidants, folic acid, minerals and Vitamins A & C. These elegant baby greens make a lovely garnish for meats and fish, and they're often added to mixed lettuces to enhance the flavor and health benefits of salads. Their mild flavor makes them an easy substitute for chard or kale, or you can toss them into soups and stir-fries at the end of cooking. Want more? Here is a simple appetizerwe like to make for our Ferry Building shop customers from time to time, as well as some great recipe ideas from our friends at Mariquita farms and from theKitchn. Enjoy!