Mushroom Madness

Q: What do Fried Chicken, Puff Balls and Fairy Rings have in common? A: They're all types of edible mushrooms! If this crisp fall air is making your umami cravings hard to bear, head for the clock tower this weekend for the Ferry Building's annual Fungus Festival: A Celebration of Culinary Mushrooms. There will be mushroom cooking demos, guest speakers and mushroom munchies galore. From popcorn to cookies, and even mushroom cheesecake, the nave will be filled with all sorts of mycological goodness!(Sounds gross, but candycap mushrooms lend fragrant notes of butterscotch and molasses that work extraordinarily well with sweets.) Also, we'll be serving a pillowy crostini of Bellwether Farm's sheep's milk ricotta with shaved Himalayan Truffle and our extra virgin olive oil on Saturday, beginning at 10 AM. The Fungus Festival will benefit the San Francisco Mycological Society. For more info, call or visit Far West Fungi.