Nature And The Pursuit Of Joy

Nature And The Pursuit Of Joy Michael McCarthy’s new bookThe Moth Snowstorm: Nature and Joy is certainly one for our times. Exploring the effects of the natural world on the human psyche, it is beautifully written yet grounded in the sensibilities and realities of the 21st century. From the book: They are surely very old, these feelings. They are lodged deep in our tissues and emerge to surprise us. For we forget our origins; in our towns and cities, staring into our screens, we need constantly reminding that we have been operators of computers for a single generation and workers in neon-lit offices for three or four, but we were farmers for five hundred generations, and before that hunter-gatherers for perhaps fifty thousand or more, living with the natural world as part of it as we evolved, and the legacy cannot be done away with. Read an excellent review by Maria Popovahere. ViaBrain Pickings