News from our Vineyards

In January 2012, we expanded our viticulture efforts with the inclusion of a parcel of family-owned land four miles away. Azaya, our new vineyard property, will enhance the scope and quality of our McEvoy Estate wine program by giving us an additonal five clones of Pinot noir covering 18.6 acres of land. With this recent expansion, we’ve decided to focus our energies this year on nurturing our new clones and maintaining healthy growth within our McEvoy Ranch vineyards. We look forward to releasing our Pinot noir and proprietary blend from 2010 and our 2011 Pinot noir to the public in the spring of 2013. Thank you all for your patience! Here are some early spring shots from Azaya and notes from our Vineyard Manager, Samantha Dorsey:
As of April 9th we had 100% budbreak in all five of our Pinot noir clones planted at Azaya. These vines are amazing! The new shoots are so even and so healthy that the whole vineyard feels like it is lifting up all at once. We have about 80% of the fruiting wire filed, so the canopy should fill in very well this season.

Check back through summer and harvest season for more updates from our McEvoy Estate vineyards. Cheers!