ODE Natural Beauty & Sustainability - Why it Matters

The bountiful land and a true intention to inspire thoughtful living are at the foundation of our natural beauty line, and our dedication to sustainability guides every product we develop for ODE. Our goal is to create a self-sufficient and balanced ecosystem nurtured by diverse plant and animal populations, mindfully considering the sustainable use of resources while tending the soil, supporting the flora and fauna dependent on its health and tapping the energy that powers the growth cycle. Our orchards and gardens are maintained in accordance with organic regulations, and fertile soil is the foundation of our farming practices. To enrich its nutrient content and to reduce waste and water consumption, we produce our own CCOF-certified organic compost from the by-products of olive oil production. From our 55 acres of organic olive trees to our organic flower and vegetable beds and new vineyard plantings, everything thrives at McEvoy Ranch. compost Crafted with the same care and commitment that we bring to the land, all of our beauty care products are made locally in small-batch productions using vitamin-rich plant extracts and botanicals. Our packaging is made with post-consumer recycled content, is recyclable and BPA-free and organic ingredients are used whenever possible. Other than beeswax in our balms, our products are made with no animal-based in ingredients, and we would never dream of testing our products on animals! We're Leaping Bunny certified to boot. McEvoy Ranch operates an on-site wind turbine that is designed to meet 100% of our electrical energy needs.