ODE to Lavender

This entry was posted on August 1, 2019 by Susan Williams.

ODE to Lavender: A Conversation with Product Development Manager, Ellen Roggemann.

Loving lavender is easy. It’s not only gorgeous to experience in full bloom, but the aromatherapeutic benefits it offers make the scent a no-brainer for self care. We spoke with Ellen Roggemann, ODE's Product Development Manager, to get some insight on the scent-making process and what makes ODE’s lavender blend so unique.

How do you decide on new scents for ODE?

The ODE collection scents are a reflection of the layered scents we experience at McEvoy Ranch – a way to share the peace, awe, and grounding we feel on this property surrounded by nature's beauty. When you arrive at the ranch, our orchards – gorgeously alive – come first, then the lavender field greets you in summer months. Our founder – Nan McEvoy's – wonderful rose gardens are intoxicating, and most recently, we've found inspiration in our citrus groves. We really want to invite you into an experience of expansive beauty, so the scents are complex, combining essential oils and extracts of plants that are found together at the Ranch. With our newest 10,000 Buddhas Ritual Wellness Kit collaboration and with our skin care line, we focus on the skin and aromatherapeutic benefits of each oil, tailoring the compound more specifically to its functional properties.

What types of lavender does ODE use?

ODE's lavender blend uses Lavandin Grosso, or French lavender. This is the lavender famed in French parfumeries. Lavandin has a higher camphor content than other lavenders, giving our blend a more herbal and earthy scent. It's a good essential oil to use to target inflammation and congestion while helping ground the mind, relieving tension and anxiety. In the Ritual Bath Salts Blend: Restore (found in the 10,000 Buddhas Ritual Wellness Kit for Peace) we used English Lavender, Lavandula Angustifolia, to create a bath that aromatherapeutically helps support relaxation and sleep. What I love about this set is after your bath, you anoint yourself with the Lavender + Vetiver Ritual Feather-Light Body Oil, which uses Lavandin Grosso, so you get the combined benefits of both types of lavender. We also use Lavandula Angustifolia oil in our Olive Water Face & Eye Cleanser and Orchard Alchemy Antioxidant Face Oilbecause it is wonderful at helping calm all skin types; plus, it has antibacterial and cleansing properties. We use Lavendula Angustifolia leaf/stem extract in all of our washes, lotions, body oils, and buttercreams for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, cleansing, and regenerative properties. It's a beautiful calming oil that can be used on all skin types.

What makes ODE's lavender blend so unique?

It’s a lavender blend that non-lavender lovers love! Our lavender blend uses lemon, lime, and ylang ylang to create a scent that is uplifting and vibrant. When you enter the Ranch in summer, a hill of lavender greets you with bees happily buzzing through the plants. The buds and the bees are joyous, and our lavender blend reflects that.

What does your typical day on the job look like?

I'm not sure I ever have a typical day. We invest a lot of time in making sure we are launching products we believe in, so I spend a good amount of time researching and learning, like learning all there is to know about eco-friendly waxes and wicks for the launch of our upcoming olive oil candle. I also spend time communicating with our production team, packaging vendors, and designers so that each detail is thoroughly thought through. I'm a firm believer that the world doesn't need just another typical product, so when we launch something, it has to be truly unique, have real benefits, exist ethically, and share a piece of the beauty that is McEvoy Ranch. Other things that fill my days are creating and/or reviewing rounds of product samples as well as dreaming up ideas for beauty products grounded in the lessons of nature.

Last bud not least…

Lavender is in full bloom this summer, but we also can’t wait for the beautiful autumn views of our olives and grapes starting to blush, our famous giant pumpkins, and a new flush of Meyer lemons and their blossoms perfuming the air. We’ll touch base with Ellen again in the fall to chat about our un-be-leaf-able scents.