Oh the season

I know that it is so not San Francisco to love the holiday season, but I can't help myself. Yes, it has become a season celebrating consumption. Yes, most of us indulge our inner really-unhealthy-person for a month. And, yes, all that Charlie Brown reminds us of in his holiday specials can seem to get lost in the chaotic rush to find the hot present. But on the other hand, twinkling lights beautify our normal night routine, special channels pop up on the radio to remind us that all is merry and bright, blankets and hot chocolate offer snuggly warmth and comfort, and a sense of nostalgia reigns supreme. I didn't grow up with Christmas and so I am particularly drawn to that holiday. It's like the kid that grew up not being able to eat candy and, therefore, nearly ODd on Skittles their freshman year of college. By high school I'd made myself a permanent fixture at three different families' tree trimmings and always made sure to make sugar cookies with my best friend, Lori, and her family. Lori, conversely, would come for at least one of the eight nights of candle lighting, potato latke eating, and gift giving at my house. So, nowadays I do a little of this a little of that. The ranch is busy with the new crop of olives, preparations for our Community Open House, wreath-making, and general holiday hubbub. I'll definitely make potato latkessome night and top them with our Organic Apple & Lavender Jelly, I'll bike around San Francisco looking at all the lights, I'll make some thumbprint cookies with our Organic Plum & Anise Preserves, I'll annoy my fellow gardeners here at the ranch with all my carol singing, and my life will feel touched by the brush of Norman Rockwell for a few scant weeks. This Thursday, December 6th I'll be in our Ferry Building shopdemoing some yummy holiday treats made with our preserves. On Friday, December 7th we'll be at the La Cocina Gift Bazaar at Crocker Galleria with many other local food artisans. Come by for a taste, pick up a few gifts (possibly even for yourself), and share in the holiday spirit with us. Which, can, if we choose, simply mean a time to celebrate, enjoy, and show how we care for each other.