Olive Oil & Shakespeare

r+j Get thee to Orinda!
Each week CalShakes, the California Shakespeare Theatre, features local artisan tastings before their live performances at the majestic Bruns Amphitheatre. Located in the Siesta Valley, just outside Berkeley, CalShakes plays are set against a beautiful backdrop of rolling East Bay hills and summer sky. And next Tuesday, September 22nd, we'll be there! Beginning at 6pm until curtain call at 7:30, you can sample our extra virgin olive oil, along with other local bits and drinks, before settling in under the stars for a live performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Between tastings you can also picnic and purchase gourmet food, wine and beer at the Midsummer Night's Cafe or take a stroll through the Eucalyptus sculpture garden. To reach the box office, call 510-548-9666 or go here to to purchase tickets online. For directions, click here.