Olive Tree Nursery Closure & Tree Sale

After much consideration, we have decided to close our olive tree nursery business at the end of the year to focus our energies on growth in other areas of the ranch. We love being a part of the olive growing community and will continue to support our fellow growers through on and offsite consultations, as well as our spring pruning and orchard management workshops at the ranch. We appreciate all of our customers and value each of the wonderful relationships we've made through a shared love of olive trees. We hope to maintain all of these great connections in the coming years, and look forward to catching up every harvest season during our community and custom milling days. Until then, we'll be selling the remainder of our nursery inventory at 50% off and hope that many of our loyal customers will be able to take advantage of this great opportunity over the next few months. Discount Pricing on organic olive trees until December 30, 2012:
  • 1-Gallon: $4
  • 5-Gallon: $15
  • 15-Gallon: $47
  • 4" pots" $1

For a full list of our final inventory at the ranch, click here.

For current info on our Ferry Building shop inventory, please give us a call in our retail shop: 415-291-7224.