On growing olive trees....

We sell hundreds of olive trees each year at McEvoy Ranch. Some customers buy our trees in bulk for large-scale plantings with olive oil production in mind. Other people come to us with plans to incorporate olive trees into their landscape design. Many folks, however, stumble into our Ferry Building shop, discover our trees and realize that they've always wanted to grow one of these ancient, evergreen beauties....and now they can! And then there's the issue of fruit. Some people are dying to cure their own fruit, while others want to avoid the potential mess of olive droppings and simply enjoy the thin, silvery leaves. Fortunately at McEvoy Ranch, we have options. In addition to the Italian varietals used in our olive oil, we sell a wide array of olive varietals from Greece, Spain and France. Some trees can produce fruit on their own, such as the Tuscan varietal, Frantoio, while others require pollination by another tree. Therefore, customers can encourage or discourage fruit by controlling their tree's environment. For more information on our olive trees and pricing, please visit the nursery section of our website. And if you've already got a tree and still waiting for fruit, here's a little more info from the "Home and Garden" section of Sunday's Chronicle: Barren Olive Trees May Need Pollen or More Water.