Our Most Precious Ingredient

Although our products highlight a wide variety of soothing botanical extracts and beneficial natural ingredients, it's the organic extra virgin olive oil that is at the heart of our 80 Acres Body Care line. We take great pride in featuring some of the finest olive oil in the world, using olives harvested and milled on-site at our ranch in Petaluma, California. This care and commitment to purity of our premium olive oil ensures that all of the benefits of this nourishing ingredient shine through. SUPERIOR MOISTURIZER - Extra virgin olive oil contains high levels of squalene,* an extremely hydrating lipid similar to our own natural sebum that is readily absorbed and ensures that the skin stays moist and supple. ANTIOXIDANT-RICH- Our olives are harvested and milled while still green, when antioxidant levels are at their peak for the ultimate in skin rejuvenating nourishment. PROTECTS AND SOFTENS SKIN- Forms a perfect barrier to protect skin from irritants, while vitamins A and E help repair, renew and soften skin that has been damaged from overexposure to the elements. WHY EXTRA VIRGIN?- Our olive oils is certified organic and certified extra virgin, which means it has met the strictest criteria regarding acidity and is free of any chemical processing and defects. WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? - Olive oil that has not been certified extra virgin is not subject to the standards of quality control and is frequently deficient in terms of purity and freshness. *Conventional olive oil is processed chemically to remove squalene, which is then sold as a separate, highly-processed and degraded ingredient.