Over the Garden Fence

baby purple rain and yellowstone carrotsWhile working in the kitchen garden sowing seeds at McEvoy one day several years ago, I had an epiphany. The sun was coming up over the golden hills dotted with green oaks and bays. I realized the great significance of the seeds in my hand in the scheme of the universe. That seed was my connection to the past and my connection to the future. I felt truly grounded in that moment and wanted to honor that seed. This was the beginning of our seed saving and the start of our seed line at McEvoy Ranch. I realize our small seed saving is not going to change the world but it shows our commitment to keeping heritage seed available, honoring the home gardener and keeping the tradition of passing seed "over the garden fence." Summer gardens To learn more about our seed saving efforts at McEvoy Ranch, please join me for our last Garden tour of the season this Friday, September 16th. We'll take a stroll through our lush kitchen gardens, visit our vegetable beds and share the great variety of organic flowers and produce with you before a beautiful al fresco lunch. To register, please visit our Events page. Another event I'm excited to share is The National Heirloom Expoat the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, which began yesterday, September 13th,and runs through Thursday, September 15th. There will be over 250 farmers from all over the country at this extraordinary heritage produce event sharing their late summer bounty in every color, shape and variety you can imagine! Hope to see you all there! Margaret Koski-Kent Head Gardener