Petal Pushers

Nothing against a crisp, green salad, especially when it's composed of organic leaves from our gardens at McEvoyand dressed in our bold, Tuscan-style oil. Sometimes, however, a little color is in order. For the past few weeks, Willow has been sending down sweet little bunches of edible flowers that make any drab smear of hummus or bowl of greens a little more interesting. The violas look striking on a pillowy mound of buttercream. Easter cupcakes, anyone? Or if you have a spring soup or frittata on your brunch menu, finish them with a few petals of calendula. Or....or...??? So many possibilities... This week's bundles include flowering arugula, viola, calendula, Pineapple salvia and Rau Rum (Vietnamese coriander). We're selling them for $4/bunch. Hurry down to the shop and get your bunch before they're gone.