Petaluma Pickles

It all started late last summer. We were sitting on pounds and pounds of heirloom cucumbers, but not enough people to eat them all! (There's only so much gazpacho one can eat in a month.) So, we decided on pickles ("bread & olive oil"-style, if you know what I mean), to savor the late summer bounty all year long. We also wanted to share another taste of what's growing at the ranch with a "sweet'n' tangy" addition to our collection of estate-produced foods. Finding ourselves half-way through the cuke harvest, we had to act fast. Fortunately we'd just finished participating in Slow Food Nation so we didn't have to look far to find our master pickler. Casey Havre, founder of LouLou's Garden, was the curator of the Chutneys pavillion at SFN, so beyond the exquisite taste of her preserved foods, her reputation as a master in her field made her an obvious first choice for our pickle project. It was quite a team effort, but four months later, we have about 5 dozen jars of McEvoy pickles labeled and ready for sale! They're a thick-cut, crisp medly of Suyo Long, Mideast Prolific, mini White and Lemon cucumbers, and they're absolutely addictive. So next time you're in a cold weather, winter slump and sick to death of root vegetable soup, imagine the long, warm nights of summer and abundance of brightly colored produce in the months ahead. Then, eat a pickle. McEvoy Pickles available at our Ferry Building shop. Call 415-291-7224 to check availability.