Picking Olives

We are coming to the end of harvesting olives for our McEvoy Table Olives. I think the olive oil harvest is going to go on for a while but I only have one day left of harvesting for the Table Olives. Until this year we have doubled the amount of table olives. We started at 1000 lbs. in 2004 and we cured 8000 lbs. in 2007 and this year for the first time in 4 years we have only added a ton to the output of '07 for a total of 10,000 lbs of cured olives. Samantha Dorsey, Shari DeJoseph and I have hit our stride in preparing for and executing the cured olive harvest even while Samantha and Shari have their hands full with the monumental task of harvesting the rest of the olives for McEvoy Olive Oil. I can't thank them enough for their help, especially Samantha, in schooling this cook in the real world of agriculture and harvesting olives.