Pineapple Sorbet Recipe

fresh pineapples Some time ago in our Ferry Building shop, we served Black Pepper-Parmigiana Reggiano breadsticks from Joanne Weir's cookbook, Wine Country Cooking. We served them in individual cups, sitting in a nice, little puddle of oil to soak up all the extra virgin goodness. And take my word, it was double-dipping heaven. But recently she's created a new recipe that we just can't live without... her Pineapple Sorbet. When we first met Joanne Weir years ago, she introduced us to the wonders of pairing pineapple and olive oil. "The acid," she squealed when she explained why fresh pineapples and olive oil go so well together. She'd tasted the combination during one of her fabulous culinary journeys, and just like a ripe, acidic tomato in late summer, this sweet, tropical fruit only gets better with a bit of oil and a pinch of salt. And what could be better than fresh pineapple with extra virgin olive? Pineapple Sorbet with extra virgin olive, of course! Trust us.