Pineapple Sorbet

Last Friday in our FB shop, we served Black Pepper-Parmigiana Reggiano breadsticks from Joanne Weir's cookbook, Wine Country Cooking. We served them in individual cups, sitting in a nice, little puddle of oil to soak up all the extra virgin goodness. And take my word, it double-dipping heaven. This week it's her Pineapple Sorbet! I remember when we first met Joanne Weir because she introduced us to the wonders of pairing pineapple and olive oil that day. "The acid," she squealed when she explained why fresh pineapples and olive oil go so well together. She'd tasted the combination during one of her fabulous culinary journeys, and just like a ripe, acidic tomato in late summer, this sweet, tropical fruit only gets better with a bit of oil and a pinch of salt. And what could be better than fresh pineapple with extra virgin olive? Pineapple Sorbet with extra virgin olive, of course! Fast-forward eight months and we simply had to serve the sorbet our book-signing event. The recipe was in the book, after all. So, we asked Gerald and Mark to prepare it for us, and the result was creamy and tangy, with a lovely, smooth texture. And she was right, our extra virgin olive oil only made it better! Today, we'll be sharing it with you, so stop by our FB Shop after 2pm for a velvety taste of Joanne Weir's Pineapple Sorbet, topped with the tiniest pinch of sea salt and a quick drizzle of our extra virgin olive oil. Trust us. You'll love it...