Roasted Pekin Duck Recipe

For a twist on tradition, try our Chef Mark Rohrmeier's delicious Roasted Pekin Duck recipe this holiday season. Perfect with Pinot. Basted with a sweet honey and orange soy glaze, the skin caramelizes to a crisp, mahogany hue, resulting in a stunning centerpiece to rival turkey in looks and flavor. Roasted Pekin Duck Recipe The usual suspects such as bread stuffing and roasted veggies finished in Olio Nuovo pair nicely with the duck, and our Pinot Noir The Evening Standard balances the wilder flavors of the meat especially well. Also known as Long Island Duck, this wilder game bird can be usually be ordered through independent butchers. Evening Standard Pinot Noir



2 tablespoons of kosher salt 2 teaspoons finally ground black pepper 1 large orange and its zest 1 yellow onion


Wash duck thoroughly inside and out and pat dry. Using a paring knife, cut out fat pockets in the cavity and perforate skin with the tip of a the knife all over the duck, being careful not to puncture the meat. Secure the neck flap with a couple of tooth picks or wooden skewer. Mix salt, pepper, and orange zest together and rub half inside the cavity and half over the exterior of the duck. Quarter the orange and onion and insert into the cavity of the duck. Tie the legs together and put in the refrigerator overnight. The next day pull the duck out of the refrigerator about an hour before cooking. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.


1 cup soy sauce 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon molasses 1 tablespoon orange zest Cook in a small saucepan over medium heat, stirring occasionally until slightly thickened. Set aside. Put the duck breast-side down in a rack in a roasting pan and put it in the preheated oven. After a half hour pull the duck out of the oven and pour the juice out of the cavity and into the roasting pan, then pour all of the liquid out of the pan and reserve. Put the duck breast-side up, back into the oven and repeat, flipping the duck every half hour and reserve rendered duck fat for two hours total. For the last half hour of cooking, with the duck breast-side up, baste the duck with the soy sauce glaze before returning the duck to the oven. After 2 total hours of cooking time check the temperature on the duck. In the fattest part of the leg it will read 165 degrees when done. Let the duck rest for 20 minutes before carving.