Recipe: McEvoy Olive Tapenade

Full disclosure: our olives have pits and they fall on the smallish side of the olive fruit spectrum. These are two of the reasons we love them most, and two of the reasons we only turn them into tapenade on special occasions. They're a labor of love to put it mildly. Immediately following our olive harvest for oil production, our cured-olive harvest begins overseen by one of our ranch chefs, Mark Rohrmeier. Hand-harvested and hand-sorted to ensure they're completely free of any signs of fruit fly, we cure the same six varietals that we use to make our signature Traditional Blend extra virgin olive oil. Rather than piercing the olives' skin and exposing their flesh to our brining liquid, we've found that preserving them in their natural state, pit and all, is the secret to holding onto their flavor. Crisp, savory and not-too-salty, our olives make a satisfying snack to nibble on between meals, as well as a simple add-in for salads and pastas...or your next McEvoy martini. Naturally, our olives also make a fine, briney spread that always does seem worth the extra effort in a single bite, so we encourage you to try this recipe and discover another way to enjoy these little gems. (We just recommended that you keep a second bowl of olives on hand to snack on while you pit.) RECIPE: MCEVOY OLIVE TAPENADE 1 5.5 ounce jar McEvoy Ranch Tuscan Table olives several tablespoons McEvoy Ranch extra virgin olive oil 1 anchovy fillet 1 teaspoon capers, to taste 1 tablepoon fresh lemon juice, to taste Pit 1 5.5oz jar of McEvoy Ranch olives. Combine the olives, garlic, basil, anchovy fillet, capers and lemon juice in a food processor. Pulse to combine. Drizzle in a few tablespoons of our olive oil, pulsing again to form a coarse paste. Spread generously on bread and enjoy!