Root Ballin'

ballzLast Monday a few of us city girls put on our dirty jeans and sturdy boots and headed up to Petaluma for some "root ballin," as we chose to call it. Root balls or "root crowns," if you prefer, are these gnarly, dirt-crusted, bug-infested masses of McEvoy olivewood salvaged from trees the winds have knocked down over the years. meAnd "root ballin'," according to Christina, Christine, Willow, Ananda and me, is the act of cleaning up these chunky blobs of earth so that they may be sliced, treated and branded, before they're given a new life as a beautiful, one of a kind olivewood platter. (By "cleaning" I mean chiseling rock hard dirt with hammers and screwdrivers, scraping deep crevices with sharp metal hooks, and wearing some very silly looking safety goggles every step of the way.) olivewoodbrandSo why were we root ballin'? We had to! You see, we started selling these olivewood boards just a few weeks ago, we're not even into November yet, and we're nearly sold out! Clearly, you love them, and since we love you, we wanted to get crackin' on our next batch immediately so you'll have them for the holidays. Enjoy.