Showing Off...

hogisland3With my bf's parents visiting from Colorado, we spent some solid time out of the city last weekend, romping around Marin. We were off to a strong start, with a late Friday-afternoon binge at Hog Island in Marshall. Yes, I do work in the Ferry Building and can indulge in half a dozen Sweetwaters whenever necessary, but it simply doesn't compare to setting up camp for a couple hours in the sun, at the source. I'm pretty sure I consumed near a half-wheel of Mt. Tam, as well. Like I said - strong start.

After a long day of food and drink on Saturday, we felt a hike was in order and hit the trails hidden away near downtown Mill Valley on Sunday morning (if only to ready ourselves for more of said food + drink). Can I help it if afterward we happened to stumble into The Tyler Florence Shop where, lo and behold, McEvoy Ranch and 80 Acres products were found a-plenty? Sadly, no Tyler or Tolan to say hi to. Hopefully they were enjoying their sunny weekend as much as we were.


Then directly to Cici, a gelateria featuring lovely and simple frozen goodness, made seasonally with local and organic ingredients. Finish your piccolo stracciatella menta with McEvoy Ranch extra virgin olive oil, if you please...

Needless to say, the in-laws were appropriately wowed.