Slow Film

Many customers try to relate olive oil to wine, though the two don't really have that similar of a process I do feel that there are many parallels between the California Wine and Olive Oil industries. Until the world altering Judgment of Paris in 1976, California wines, and wine industries outside of France were completely off the radar. Check out the farm fresh flick Bottle Shockfilmed entirely in Sonoma and Calistoga about the '76 tasting, yours truly was a Production Assistant on the film. Though you and I know that McEvoy Olive Oil rocks our socks olive oil produced in the U.S. is not exported like the wine, especially Californian wine is. California Cuisine has come a long way in a short time, but there is still a long way to go. In the spirit of Slow Food Nation it is important to support your local farms, ranches, vineyards, wine makers, and cheese masters, and in my case your local film maker. Cheers Stacy S.