So long, Limited Edition

2009led We're down to the very last drops of our one-of-a-kind 2009 release Limited Edition blend! This year's reserve oil was comprised of Moraiolo olives and an orchard blend from some of the oldest tress in our orchards. Its citrus notes and smooth, elegant finish have been a beautiful contrast to the bold, complex flavor profile of our Traditional blend, and we hope you'll all look forward to this fresh spin on McEvoy Ranch extra virgin olive oil many years to come... If you haven't gotten a chance to try it, make haste and come see us in the Ferry Building! Or visit us online, and we'll ship you a bottle. And if you miss it, remember that harvest is right around the corner and our vibrant new oil, "Olio Nuovo," will be available soon. Many of our customers and local chefs wait all year for this special release, and we hope to have it bottled and ready for you just before Thanksgiving. Mark your calenders and plan your holiday menus accordingly;)