Spring Cleaning

We've all been busy dusting off our shelves (and ourselves) in the spirit of the new energy and growth of springtime, and for part of my part I tackled the old desktop folders today...emptied the recycle bin several times. I have to say, I did find a few gems, like this list from the Ferry Building archives circa 2004: FAMOUS PEOPLE SEEN/TALKED TO IN FB (We did this in order of appearance, if I remember correctly.) 1. Laura Linney 2. John Grey 3. Scott Paulin 4. Wendy Phillips 5. Philip Kaufman 6. Narsai David 7. Dweezil Zappa 8. Lisa Loeb 9. Pat Kuleto 10. Jeanne Tripplehorn 11. Tyler Florence 12. Michelle Rodriguez 13. Gene Wilder 14. Amy Tan spring-cleaning1 Talk about roots - that list is OG.