Springtime in the Garden

There is something so lovely and genuine about springtime’s blooms. The contrast between the sweet wisps of pastel petals and the grey skies and patches of dark soil that appear to be barren—though lustrous bulbs are undoubtedly hiding beneath—is so striking. And then when the sun does come out, the experience and colors are so saturated! Right now, the gardens here at the ranch are full of tulips and daffodils. Manly daffodils defy expectations with their frilly and robust multitude of delicate layers, and are a sight to behold. The ornamental Akebono cherry trees are in bloom, as well as the crabapples, plums, and a flowering quince. The yellow magnolia tree is about to unfurl…There are enchanting swaths of mustard blossoms amongst the orchards and vines, and the native wildflowers sprawling through our meadows include tidy tips and golden poppies. We have delightful things to share with you! The dreary weather seems to have finally ceased and the vitality that bounds forth when all the rainfall is balanced with a hearty dose of sunshine is such a welcome blessing. I know I’m ready for an April ramble through some of the charms of the season with Head Gardener, Margaret Koski-Kent. Join us this Saturday, April 2 at 10am for a glimpse of spring in the gardens at McEvoy Ranch on our Spring Bloomers Tour. We have prolonged some of our planting due to the cool weather, so we have an abundance of 4” tomato and basil starts that are eagerly awaiting their rightful place in the ground. We’ll have some of these available for purchase—in case that rainy spell has you daydreaming ahead to those lazy summer afternoons when some fresh mozzarella and McEvoy Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil are just the things to compliment your garden’s bounty. More details about the tour and reservation information are available on our Events page.