The 2009 Limited Edition

vertical1We certainly like traditions at McEvoy Ranch. We love our classic Tuscan-inspired oil, with its consistent richness and complexity, and we get especially excited each harvest with our celebratory Olio Nuovo. While certain notes may vary each year, it's always emerald green and always pungent. Always. We also embrace change at McEvoy. We like to look at our artisanal olive oil production with fresh eyes, think about where and how our company can grow in the years ahead, all while maintaining our commitment to the quality of our product and our impact on the environment. 2009leAnd in that spirit of growth, each spring we release a unique, special reserve extra virgin olive oil. Inspired by the variety of olives we grow at McEvoy Ranch, our small-batch, Limited Edition oil is intentionally different each year, as it gives us a chance to experiment with other varietals and milling methods. This year's blend is comprised of Moraiolo, Leccio del Corno, and Frantoio olives, as well as an orchard blend from some of our oldest trees. The resulting flavor is vibrant with hints of rosemary and thyme, followed by an elegant finish. Each Limited Edition release bears a collectible letterpress label and we've chosen our newly installed windmill as inspiration for our 2009 artwork. The new windmill will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 110 tons and likely meet all of our electrical energy needs. The image represents our dedication to sustainable agriculture and renewable energy, and we think it's perfectly suited to our creative spring release. Pick up a bottle of our 2009 Limited Edition in our Ferry Building shop or online and enjoy a new taste of McEvoy!