The answer we've all been waiting for

At McEvoy Ranch we put lots of thought and time into having our ranch and shop be as sustainable as possible. For a few years now the shop has an exclusive "bulk" bottle. The bulk bottle is a dark glassed 500ml bottle with no extra packaging and minimal labeling, it sells for the same price as the 375ml bottle, 22 dollars.

Since the release of the bulk bottle one question has hung in every ones mind: can we refill this bottle? I know the answer to this daunting question, and the answer is no.

Before your green heart sinks too low, let me tell you why. If McEvoy Ranch were to refill bottles, the bottles would need to be sent up to the ranch to be washed and sanitized. Water management is crucial at the ranch. Between irrigation and water used during oil production, we must be careful to preserve water and ensure that any waste water does not pollute the land. If we were to wash and sanitize the bottles at the ranch it would break the sustainable balance the ranch has worked so hard to achieve and maintain.

The next thought that comes up in this explanation, naturally; is why can't the customers wash the bottles at home and bring them in clean for refilling? We cannot have customers bring in bottles that they have cleaned at home because we cannot assure the quality of the oil.

If you feel that buying in bulk is the way to go you may also want to consider the half gallon ($88) and gallon sized bottles ($176)