The Busiest Month

November is by far the busiest month of the year at McEvoy Ranch. I haven't had time to even congratulate the staff at the FBS for the beautiful renovation of the store and thank them for the fun party.

Of course the great McEvoy Ranch Harvest Party which just gets cooler every year was in the very first week of November. This year I invited Nancy Pelosi's Capital Guard to eat with us. They were very engaging and good company even if they didn't let me use their taser. The ice cream with McEvoy Ranch Olio Nuovo was a big hit.

Even though the work of getting the olives off of the trees can be grueling at times it can also be fun like the time Teela Ridgeway and her cousin Nancy Leoni came out to make good on Teela's guarantee that she was going to pick McEvoy olives.

November is going to bleed into December this year as far as the Harvest is concerned so it ain't over yet but it's good work in the pursuit of a great product. What could be better then that?